My New Favorite Nude

Chanel Lipstick

One of the new Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks, the one in the shade Adrienne of course, has quickly been crowned my favorite nude lippy. To say our relationship kicked off to a disastrous start is an understatement. A shopping bag containing a few items, including this one, was stolen. I was gutted as I had been so excited, and I guess my mum felt sorry for me being she suprised me with a brand new tube. How nice is she?!

Giddily I ran to the mirror to apply it. It went on so smoothly and I could just tell how good it would be for my lips, nourishing and hydrating. It applied evenly and with a sheer bit of colour, but it quickly builds to your desired level of opaqueness.

The colour ticks all the right boxes for me, a beautiful mixture of peach, browns and pinks which will suit most complexions. Nude lipsticks are definitely something I go for other anything else as I definitely enjoy more muted make-up. I think the only problem is going to be rationing it’s use, it’s not overly long lasting and if I start wearing it every day, like I definitely want to, it’s going to be gone way to early than I can deal with.


5 thoughts on “My New Favorite Nude

  1. I am always looking for the perfect nude and this looks amazing. Not too brown and not too pink! So lovely that your mum bought you another one! New follower on bloglovin’.


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