Remember Those Cheap Sachet Masks? Well…

superdrug face mask

I’m sure everybody can remember those Saturday night sleepovers as a kid, where you wore pajamas and watched crappy films and chatted all night. I bet you also remember masks such as the ones above (x, x, x) being involved more often than not. As we grow older and become more knowledgeable of skincare – what’s good for our skin, what isn’t, what works and what doesn’t – we often find ourselves reaching for products which start to hurt a little when you pass over your card to purchase. “£60 for a face mask?! Well, if it works…” and we begin to distrust what costs  pennies to buy.

I don’t think this is a bad thing. I agree that an increased price tag often results in increased results, but should we step away from what is easily affordable so quickly?

I was in Superdrug picking up a couple things when I passed in front of the sachet face mask stand. It was quite a nostalgic feeling that passed over, and for 3 for £2 deal on I couldn’t resist picking a few up.

The first one I tried was the Chocolate Orange Self-Heating Mask, which filled me with dread the second it opened. Deep brown oozed from the tear in the packet and an overwhelming chocolately smell filled the room. I debated for a few seconds whether I was going to put something which looked more like a snack than a cosmetic onto for my face, then decided to go for it. It gently warmed as I applied it to my skin and felt very comfortable to wear with absolutely no tightness. As I washed it away I didn’t notice much difference, a little softer feeling sure, but nothing that blew me away. But for £1 the added softness seemed worth it. The real surprise was by morning, I suffer with redness on my cheeks and my face looked distinctively more even toned as I looked into the bathroom mirror. The severity to changes from meh to bad, so it could be put down to coincidence – but my skin looked the most even  in tone it had in years – not bad for a quid!

Excitedly I gave the Yoghurt Smoothie Mask a go, which looks and smells exactly like some sort of fruity yoghurt. This sat on my skin and it’s super sloppy texture had me worried it was going to fall off my face and onto bedding or carpet, but instead it began to dry down a little. When rinsed away my skin felt very soft, very smooth and lightly hydrated – with my pores looking a little bit tightened. This is probably my favourite from the bunch and actually beats other short-stay moisture masks I have tried which are many, many multiples of the price.

Finally is the Manuka Honey Peel-Off Mask, I must admit this was purchased on a novelty basis. Peel-off masks are just so fun! I don’t know how they’re managing it with these masks but they actually look and smell exactly how they are named, even the texture is exact. The smell of honey was pretty strong, and the running-yet-sticky texture slightly difficult to work with and apply to the face. However, it did leave the face feeling softer and very hydrated (but not greasy) and managed to suppress those little tiny spots, reducing their redness and aggravation.

I think that with more expensive products you can find results with more of a wow factor, but what is available for cheaper can sometimes do great things – without the hefty price tag. If your skin is in the need of a little boost one day, maybe have a look at what’s available in your local drugstore for a fraction of the cost, you might be surprised as what they can achieve.

Do you still use sachet masks? What’s your favourite one? I’m inspired to try more so leave me comments below!


4 thoughts on “Remember Those Cheap Sachet Masks? Well…

  1. I’ve always wanted to try those Superdrug ones but was hesitant cos it’s so cheap and I didn’t think it would do anything but you have swayed me! I am a huge fan of the Montagne Jeunesse sachet face masks that are (usually) a pound, I love their nut oil one, it smells so good!


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