Taking ‘Me-Time’

taking me time

me time

Sometime’s you have to put down the to-do list and say not today.

1 – Switch off your phone.
Me-Time is harder than ever before, no longer is it hometime and you’re done for the day. Now, you have emails, tweets, new articles, the dreaded ‘_ tagged you in a photo’ (can anyone resist not checking that?!) and so much more beeping and flashing and demanding attention. Unless you allow yourself to take it all away, and to fully disconnect yourself from the outside world you can’t unwind.

2 – Play some music. 

3 – Eat something sweet. 
Fruit, a creme egg, a donut –  whatever takes your fancy. If you’re wanting to treat yourself fully, forget about the kale for a few hours and eat what you really want. (Unless you particularly love kale, then eat away! This is about you.)

4 – Drink something warm.
It’s comforting, it’s relaxing, it could even be chocolately.

5 – Read a book or watch your favourite film. 

6 – Take a bath.
You could combine this with any of the above, or just sit in the bubbles and soak. Add some bubble bath, salts or a bath bomb to add the luxury factor, and make sure to lavish on your favorite body wash.

7 – Do some beauty pampering.
You could do a face mask, give yourself an at-home manicure (see mine here) or pluck your brows – whatever is going to make you feel a little bit better. I know I feel good when I’ve done a little extra that day, and it will give you a bit of an ego-boost for when you have to get back into things at work, school or home.

8 – Do what you love.
The final and most important step, it could be knitting, scrapbooking, baking or anything that brings you joy and not dread. Having me – time doesn’t have to mean unproductivity, it’s just forgetting about the un-fun things and focusing on you. Are you a gym bunny? Then go get on that treadmill! Have fun.

Do you take enough take enough time for yourself? What do you always do to fully unwind? Let me know in the comments below!


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