s/s15 Nail Inspiration

This is a bit of a quadruple whammy of a post. Firstly, it costs £7 for everything needed – who doesn’t love a bargain? It involves what I believe to be the biggest colour of S/S15, which is blue of course. One of the products is Barry M’s most recent and hyped product, the Quick Dry nail polishes, and finally it is fashion week inspired. Phew. Want to see?

Spring Summer Nails

Spring Summer Nails

Okay, so I’m pretty bad at painting my nails. It’s a little bit messy and wobbly – and it’s good compared to me other hand! I have absolutely no ambidexterity – but I do think it looks pretty (possibly from a distance…). I’m sure you’d all do a better job than me.

It’s inspired by a picture I saw in this month’s Marie Claire, which took a look back stage at Fashion Week and showed us Rodarte’s catwalk nails.

Rodarte nail inspiration

With Superdrug and Boots current 2 for £7 on selected Barry M products, I picked up one of their new polishes from the Speedy line in the shade Eat My Dust, as well as one of their nail art pens in white.

barry m speedy quick dry eat my dust nail polish barry m nail art pen

All you have to do is prepare your nails as usual (I like to soak mine) paint on your nail polish, and very carefully try and make a kind of not-wobbly line around the curve of your cuticle, being particularly careful not to get any on your skin

One word on the nail polish, I found that the black from the lid transferred onto my hands and stained them black. It also caused the lid to look a little faded and grey. I haven’t heard anyone else report this so it’s possible I simply got a dud bottle, but it’s something to keep in mind. As for the polish itself, it does dry a lot faster (why doesn’t every polish do that?) and I love the shape of the brush, it’s wide and flat and allows you to cover a huge part of your nail in one swipe – which is something that I definitely look for, so much easier!

What do you think of my (slightly messy) nail look? Would you try this yourself?

Have you tried the Barry M Speedy polishes and have you experienced the same transference as me? Let me know in the comments!


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