Weekend in London

This is a pretty personal post – no advice here! But I wanted to share with you all how I spent Valentines. (and my first attempt at using a DSLR!) This weekend I went down to London to see my long-distance boyfriend. The majority of the weekend was pretty un-blog worthy, just spending time with each other playing games (including my past love, and nostalgia inducing favourite, Crash Bandicoot) watching films and eating food.

After a flood of tears on my end Saturday night, fueled by Little Miss Sunshine and then The Notebook – I mean, who wouldn’t cry? – we got up did something a little less teary, we went to London Zoo.

London Zoo

Terrapin at London Zoo

Ant at London Zoo

Lizard at London Zoo

Snake at London zoo

I also took this oppertunity to get to grips with our new camera and valentines present, the Nikon D5200. This is my first time using a camera which isn’t build into a smart phone – and most of you can probably tell I’m in the need of a bit more practice! But I loved seeing all the different animals and listening to the keepers talks – and I practically fell in love with the giraffes.

Afterwards we took a walk through Regent Park and had dinner at Smokehouse, a BBQ restaurant. The burgers had a very distinctive charcoal taste, although very enjoyable, but the beer battered onions rings were delicious. A definite recommendation if you want a little snack as you wander through the park.

Smokehouse Regents Park London

Although not a typical romantic Valentines weekend – we ordered Roosters and went to the Zoo rather than dressed up and went out for dinner, it was a change I fully welcomed.  Now I’m ready to snuggle up in my own bed and have a little me time.

Let me know how you spent, or would like to spend, your Valentines weekend!


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