Friend’s birthday weekend.


Friday saw the birthday of one of my best friends, and in our typical style it meant a night out in our grotty local bar (which we actually really love). They play a mixture of rock and punk, and we were accompanied by all our other friends, including her boyfriend. I wish I had a nicer picture to show  you but instead you can have us pulling funny faces.

On the Saturday, we went out with her family to a cafe which does ‘afternoon tea’, gorgeous china with a selection of deserts, sandwiches, soup and of course tea. I am not someone who helps myself to a cuppa, but I actually liked it!

Sunday her and her family, me and her boyfriend went out to dinner and we scoffed down some burgers and possibly one too many drinks. Have you ever tried a Woo Woo? I’d never even heard of it before last night, and it only took one sip before we asked for a jug to our table.

I documented the weekend on my instagram and mentioned it on twitter, so if you want to have a nosey what I’m up to on real time you can catch me there.


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