Some mask marvels

img_5538Origins Face Mask

Masks are truly one of my favourite things. Taking a few hours out on a Sunday afternoon with a bath, to paint your nails, and to slap on a mask is a perfect way to relax and prepare yourself for the week ahead.

Origins offers a great fix for two of the biggest skin issues.

If you’re suffering with a good dose of blackheads, pimples and your pores are bigger than the pockets of your skinny jeans, the Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask  really helps suck out any dirt, debris and excess oil from your skin. It tightens, smooths and softens as well as given it a good clear out, and the improvements it has made stay noticeable for days on end. The majority of blackheads are pulled straight out, but if you’re like me and dotted with stubborn ones, it loosens the most difficult and brings them to the surface, making them easy to remove with a little warm water and a muslin cloth (or a scrub if yours are particularly head-strong!). Definitely the best pore-cleaning mask I have ever tried. I also dot it on spots to help dry them out, and as you can see a little goes a long way, I’ve had mine for almost 2 months and have barely made a dent.

And if its this terrible winter weather wreaking havoc on your skin (like it is mine!) the Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask, enriched with avocado oil and apricot kernel oil deeply penetrates your skin as you catch your beauty sleep, letting you wake up minus flaky, dry patches and with a silky smooth base for your make-up application, or with simply radiant and hydrated skin if you prefer to go without. It has never left my skin feeling greasy or oily, just wonderfully healthy, although it can feel a little sticky when first applied. This product is also one of my favourite scents, with a definite apricot vibe.


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