My perfect red

in love with ginger 3

in love with ginger 2

I have pretty thick but not very ‘long’ lips, they are basically a circle on my face. Trying out bright lipsticks usually led to me wiping them straight off, I looked just weird and all your could see was my lips and I hated it so so so much.Β 

I actually felt pretty gutted – why couldn’t I wear red. The staple, classic and much loved colour?

Then I tried this, Rimmel Moisture Renew in In Love With Ginger, and I loved how it looked on me, I wore a red outside of my bedroom for the first time ever. I did it for 3 days in a row. My mum, my sister, my friends all complimented my and said how good it looked.

Turns out I’d just been picking up the wrong reds. Everyone I know had been picking up berry colours and although it suited them, it clashed dramatically with my skintone. I needed one with an orange base.

As for this particular lipstick, I came across it after a hunt in boots for something with a lil’ zing. I loved the name, I loved the packaging, and I figured if I was going to leave behind my nude lipsticks for a little while, I might as well try something a bit more moisturizing that my usually mattes.

My only criticism with this lipstick is I don’t find it very long lasting, but I am someones who is constantly talking and drinking and I don’t have much experience with glossy lipsticks – so maybe it’s lasting power is normal.

Do you know of any good orange-toned reds? Preferably a bit more matte and longer lasting – let me know in the comments!



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