January ’15 Favourites

January '15 Favourites

VO5 Give Me Texture Dry Texturising Spray 200ml: My everyday hair routine is pretty easy, I straighten it and pin a bit up at the top. To avoid poker-straight yawn hair, I spray this through the length and scrunch and ruffle to add, well – texture. I prefer them to your typical texturising/sea-salt/etc sprays as it will never leave your hair crunchy like some wet products can and is invisible in your hair.

Naked 2: Recently I’ve just been unable to put this palette down, and I’ve been particularly loving the shades half baked, chopper, YDK and busted. If you haven’t already heard it a thousand times already – the Naked Palettes really are a god-send for neutral loving girls, and their shimmers are completely wearable for everyday.

Santuary Pore Refining Toner: I really do love Sanctuary for their skincare (although their bath products are great too!). This winter has really tried to ruin my skin, my usually super-oily face has been dehydrated and dry and flaky, particularly on my forehead, but the sides of my nose and chin has remained an oil slick scattered with blemishes. Nice. In an attempt to make my make-up not look terrible, I have used products leaning on the ‘for dry skin’ side, and then swiped a cotton pad squirted with this onto my oily areas. It really did help to keep my oil at bay while I tried to fix my dry skin. Score.

Rimmel Salon Pro By Kate Nail Polish, in Soul Session After a dabble with my greys and browns in November and December, I decided to go a little more nude. It applies so easily, and I am the worst at painting nails, and manages to last a lot longer than other polishes I’ve used before chipping off at the tips. I’ve actually been applying a gold glitter polish to the bottom half of my ring finger nails, which I absolutely adore the look of. 

Bourjois Bronzing Powder: Okay I’ll be honest, the main reason I picked this up was because it looks like chocolate, and I had a big (a few minutes) debate on whether to go for this or the highlighter duo version. But I went for this, and I have honestly used it every single day since picking it up. It does come across quite oranged toned, but I’ve found it actually works fine on my skin to use as a contour, and it really helps bring a bit of life to your face when used on the edges of your face.

So there we go! These have been my January favourites, what have you all loved this month? Let me know!


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