Is this the perfect beginners palette?


A mid or high end eyeshadow palette was something I put off purchasing for a long time. There seemed to be two options on the market, an Urban Decay Naked palette, or something else. I chose something else.

The Urban Decay Naked palettes are beautiful, but my hooded eyes do not get along with too much shimmer (although I love it) and the range’s matte shades were minimal. If I wanted to have cool and warm toned neutral shades within my palette – which would mean buying both Naked 1 and 2 when I wasn’t even sure I’d even begin using eye shadow regularly. The Naked palettes were going to have to wait.

In the something else category, the other palettes were too far out of my budget, contained very random shades I’m not sure anyone would ever use, or wasn’t available in my country (Lorac!) – and I wanted to see it up close and personal before I made any decisions.

I kind of accidentally stumbled across Smashbox Full Exposure, and seemed to be perfect for a first time buy. It has 14 shades, 7 shimmer and 7 matching matte, which allows you to move from day to night seamlessly.



The matte shades are highly pigmented, where as the shimmer shades give a sheer covering of glitter and colour; when used with the brush. Ignore the brush. Take the brush out of the casing, hide it in the back of your drawer and leave it there. This is a palette to apply with your fingers. Applying the product this way allows for much higher pigmentation that lets the beautiful shades really take it’s place on your eyes, it has this cream-powder feel against the lids and is so easy to blend into a smokey eye.

Here’s a swatch of the far left, centre and far right shades.


The downsides:

  • Difficult to apply with a brush
  • The (beautiful) casing shows up every fingerprint, and its texture means some marks don’t come off
  • It’s the same price as the Naked palettes without the shade variation

Overall, I’d highly recommend it for your first palette buy. You get the ‘standard’ shades which are actually difficult to find in current palettes (I guess they assume you already own them) and it even comes with a leaflet to identify your eye shape and how to do your make-up to best suit you. Perfect for those just getting into the world of eyeshadows.

What’s your all-time favourite palette?


10 thoughts on “Is this the perfect beginners palette?

    • I actually don’t mind because it reminds me of being little and playing with my first makeup haha! But I’m sure everyone would find a method that would work for them, or it might be a case of which brush you use (I find it applies better with my ecotool brushes rather than the one in the palette). I think the packaging is gorgeous, but it had marks and eyelash glue stuck to it I couldn’t get off, whoops!


  1. Great post and now I’m going to go away and look into this product! I purchased the Mac limited edition brook shields palette and its great but has got me hungry for a more basic/standard palette to replace old drugstore shadows.


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