5 revolutionary products


There are certain products which you love. And I mean, love. They have completely changed your skin, your make-up, or your confidence for the better. This is a celebratory post for those products, I love you, my five beautiful babies.

Clarins Hydraquench: I originally tried this moisturizer as a mini tube given to me by my mum’s bestfriend, and clearly – I loved it enough to purchase it fully as the soonest possible opportunity. It was just coming into winter and my skin was flaky, dry and gross on my nose and forehead, and every other moisturizer seems unable to conquer it (or made me bright red and sore, Yes to Carrots I’m talking to you). This cleared my skin and left it beautifully soft in no more than 3 uses. It soaks into the skin so quickly, my skin just drinks it up! It has such a silky soft texture that goes such a long way, and I definitely recommend it.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair: I was contemplating whether or not to include this. I love it, I really do, it’s a wonderful product that instantly improves the texture of my skin to leave it so smooth. The reason for my dilemma is because everyone loves it! It seems to be a beauty staple for everybody and their mother, and I have never met a person who tried and didn’t like it. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy, it soaks right in, and I wake up with my skin looking a little bit more radiant, so I guess I understand why.

Benefit Porefessional: Again, I know, so unoriginal. This is a product in every beauty blogger’s make-up collection – but I think it deserves to be. This super silky products gives your skin a wonderful base that allows for smooth and beautiful application of your favourite foundation, helping to disguise any surface flaws some foundations like to point out and scream about, such as large pores and bumpy texture. I have only tried a handful of primers, with this being the most recent, and it has pushed itself to No.1 position.

Chanel Noir: I am a perfume obsessive, and somehow manage to go through bottles like it’s water. I’m also one of them who keeps their empties because hey, the bottles are beautiful and I paid for it. My dressing table was overflowing with flowery bottles, and I wasn’t fully sold on my current perfume, so I went  smelling and searching for one with a sleeker, edgier look and a sexier scent. I found this one to be the most jaw-dropping scent I had ever come across. I can’t describe it, because I know nothing about scents, except that it’s good and it’s wonderful and I am certain you’d love it to. The amount of compliments I have received since wearing this means every time I put it on, I get an instant confidence boost. Who doesn’t want that?

Real Techniques Stippling Brush: Make-up brushes are an area I’ve never spend too much time focusing on. I know what the different brushes do, obviously, but spending £30 on a single, quality brush was never something that interested me (or I could afford). Instead I stick to ones I can find in my local Boots. My foundation application was something I kind of struggled with, some days it would look fine,  some times it was too streaky or wasn’t the right amount of product. I decided to ditch the beauty blenders and the flat foundation brush and picked up this. It gives my foundation a perfectly smooth and streak free application which looks truly airbrushed and has completely enhanced my foundation application. And of course, it can also be used for other products such as cream blush! Just remember to wash it in between to avoid pink streaks on your forehead.

What’s your revolutionary product?


6 thoughts on “5 revolutionary products

  1. I love this post! Especially the part about the Clarins HydraQuench cream! I jusy posted a review last night on 5 Clarins products, they literally changed my skin! I was having breakout after breakout, cant recommend them enough. Especially their ‘Lotus Oil Treatment’, every girl should own a bottle of that miracle stuff! 🙂


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