Celebrate other women.


I am not one to shy away from the label of ‘feminist’, I have spent much time researching the issue of sexism. I’ve seen the statistics, heard the stories and of course – witnessed it first hand. 2014 saw the word feminism strip itself of its dirty connotations and became something which many celebrities have spoken publicly about, from Emma Watson and her HeforShe campaign, to Nicki Minaj’s offhand comments which have encouraged women to stand up for themselves.

Sexism takes many forms, some which are deeply disturbing to talk about, some which are so ridiculous they make me laugh, and many which are preventing women from succeeding.

That’s why I find it very important to support and celebrate the women who have fought their way to the top despite their obstacles. I’m a big believer in Girl Power. I’m a big believer in women standing together.

Comedy is an industry that is primarily dominated by men, and there is a stereotype that women aren’t funny , which I find ridiculous. Amy Poehler and Mindy Kaling have proved this is not true, writing and acting in two of the most successful comedy shows at the moment. Amy’s book had me go from laughing, to in tears (the section of Haiti was very emotional) while throughout she maintained this style of ‘been there, done that’ which came across as a dose of reality and advice, not a brag. She is also was a big pusher of women-loving, which makes me love her even more (see that? women loving).

And of course Alexa Chung is a successful and inspiring woman, conquering TV and Journalism, and of course – being a style inspiration to thousands. Her book offered a big dose of her inspirations and was a wonderful coffee-break read.

Remember to support the hard working women, especially when they deliver great content like this.


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